introduction of SITEINFO

AutoPagerize is a Greasemonkey script that loads next page automaticaly and appends it into current page with no-overhead. The power of AutoPagerize comes from a metadata repositry about the structure of the web pages that is called "SITEINFO". Currently SITEINFO resides in infogami and anyone who have an account of infogami can edit it and contribute to SITEINFO and AutoPagerize community. the SITEINFO is not only utilized by AutoPagerize but Pagerization, AutoPager, WWW::Mechanize::AutoPager and so on. (but unfortunately, infogami seems not to issue new account)


url is a regular expression(javascript's diarect) that specifies where the SITEINFO is valid. note that * means the preceding character is repeated 0 or more times unlike Greasemonkey. If you mean matches nothing or anything, .* is appropriate expression. here is an example that an expression matches any google search result page for any TLD. ^http://www\.google\..*/search


pageElement is a XPath expression that indicates which link is pointing next page. HTML specification provides a way to defining next page of current document as Link types Here is an example of website a nice ยป Jogos Gratis. but unfortunately, most web pages does not provide this information. So, we need to define which anchor is connected to next page as nextLink by ourselves.


pageElement is a XPath that is pointing the content of in the page to concatenated automatically. When you scroll down to the end of page, AutoPagerize fetches next page(which is indicated by nextLink) in background.


By default, AutoPagerize inserts pageElement of next page after current page's pageElement. If you feel to insert next page's pageElement into other position, you can specify the place by insertBefore in XPath expression.


You can specify the URL that SITEINFO you wrote is intended for. exampleUrl absolutely is not used by AutoPagerize itself. But this parameter is very helpful to fix SITEINFO when it got broken due to the change of HTML structure, etc. Without exampleUrl, there is no way to know SITEINFO creator's intention for other people. exampleUrl is also useful for automatic testing purpose. Please include exampleUrl if you can.

James Dondero

SITEINFO is maintained by many people in infogami and you can contribute without any authorization. But, currently infogami does not issue account. so please write your SITEINFO in temp - SITEINFO refuge place. The page is filled with Japanese but we are welcome English. Someone who have an account of infogami will move your SITEINFO to infogami soon. After that,

Tutorial for adding new sites to SITEINFO/Autopagerize

Arun has writen a very good tutorial, in english, for people looking to support new sites with SITEINFO:

Forget pages with Autopagerize

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